Instructor, “Science in Global Perspective, 1400-present.” Spring 2018, History Department, Princeton University.
Syllabus — LINK

Preceptor, “History of Contemporary Science, 1970-present.” Fall 2014, History Department, Princeton University.


  • History of modern science and technology

  • History of ecology and environmental science

  • The global nineteenth century

  • The global twentieth century

  • Race and science

  • Science and empire

Research Advising

At Princeton, I was lucky enough to get to mentor both undergraduate and graduate students in the early stages of independent research work. At present, I am not available to advise masters or doctoral projects at UNSW. However, I am available to advise undergraduate students wishing to undertake an honours thesis in topics related to history of science or modern global history. If you’re considering doing honours in history at UNSW and want to discuss a potential project with me, I’d be delighted to meet with you; please feel free to contact me by email.