Selected Academic Talks

The Speaking Ape: Language, Eden, and the Search for Origins in the Nineteenth Century. History seminar series, UNSW Sydney.

Colonial Geology and the Question of African Antiquity. Earth and Empires symposium, UNSW Sydney.

Political Geology and Paleoanthropology in Action. Political Geology: Active Stratigraphies and the Making of Life symposium, UNSW Sydney.

Out of Asia: A Global History of the Search for the Origins of Humankind. Paleontology, Geobiology, and Earth Archives Research Centre (PANGEA) seminar, UNSW Sydney.

Proving Prehistoric Man: Interpreting Geological and Archaeological Evidence in Interwar East Africa.  History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Toronto.

Paleoanthropology and World History in the Global Cold War. Session on Internationality: Modes of International Cooperation in Science, International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Rio de Janeiro.

Driving Fast, Digging Slow: Modernity, Manliness, and Paleoanthropological Field Practice in Interwar Mongolia. Quickness and Delay: A Global Look at the Historical Experience of Time and Communication. Princeton-Humboldt Graduate Global History Workshop, Humboldt Universität-Berlin.

Ancient Humans, New Norms: Paleoanthropology and Postwar World History. University Center for Human Values Graduate Seminar, Princeton University.

Paleoanthropology as World History in the Cold War. Princeton-Harvard-MIT Workshop in the History of the Physical Sciences (Phunday), Harvard University.

Hunting the Human Homeland: Politics and Paleoanthropology in Central Asia, 1920-1936. History of Science Program Seminar, Princeton University.

Evolution’s Footprints: Transnational Science, Human Identity, and the Emergence of Global Research Networks in 20th Century Biology. Global History Collaborative Summer School, University of Tokyo.

Calculating Carbon: Interdisciplinary Science, Radiometric Dating and Evolutionary Time. History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Chicago.

The Case of the Disappearing Pinky Toe: Human Evolution in the Popular Imagination in the 20th Century. Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Biology, Yale University.